Wellington Phoenix fans in the Melbourne Victory end after a conga line went halfway around the stadium.

Wouldn’t see this anywhere in world football except for Wellington.

Fever B! Fever B! Fever B!

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those rolls the phoenix had at their post match buffet were the best rolls i’ve had in forever.

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Leo Bertos (soccer) born 20 December 1981

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Stein Huysegems (soccer) born 16 June 1982

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Sad to see Waffles and Leo leave the Phoenix :-(

Why couldn’t they let us know before the game so we could give them a proper send off?

Both such great players for us and even better people. 

Haera ra brothers.

Phoenix HQ is a spoon free zone once again :-)

But I lost my voice in the celebrations.

Free dinner courtesy of Wellington Phoenix leftovers.

He liked my t-shirt. #vivalarieralucion #COYN (at The Grand)